LinkedIn Top Voices in the Green Economy

Green Economy

Useful people to know about as industry background in your green job search:

Green jobs and skills are urgently needed to help industries become more sustainable. The share of green talent across the workforce has increased by more than 38% since 2015, but demand for those workers will soon outpace supply. Solving the climate crisis will require a wave of sustainable entrepreneurship, and workers who are upskilling to take on green roles will help chart the rapid rise of the green economy.

Today, LinkedIn News is debuting our Top Voices in the Green Economy — 15 thought leaders sharing their perspectives on the sustainability challenges the world faces and their work in tackling the climate crisis. From the latest insights on groundbreaking startups to new climate-focused roles, these creators are showing how the demand for green talent is growing and why businesses need to prioritize sustainability in order to deliver lasting change. Check out and follow the creators that speak to your interests and stay updated on their latest insights in your LinkedIn feed.

While this is our latest Top Voices list, it joins a family of features highlighting creators in areas ranging from finance to technology and innovation. All Top Voices lists are editorially curated by the LinkedIn News team and highlight the creators to follow who are writing and sharing about today’s important workplace, career and industry topics. You can find more about how we compiled the list and who is eligible to be a Top Voice at the bottom of this article. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

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