Permaculture Day: free online webinar, May 1

Permaculture Day

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture and regeneration: the Permaculture Day free online webinar on May 1. Here’s the description:

Session 1:


6-6:45pm AEST / 9:00-9:45am BST

Join an international panel of passionate advocates of permaculture – in the garden – in life – in community – and for regeneration and planetary wellbeing. Join LIVE to be part of the Q&A and global chatroom.


Huw Richards

Costa Georgiadis

Hannah Maloney

Maia Raymond

Session 2:


7-7:45 AEST/10-10:45 BST

Join leading permaculture advocates exploring permaculture futures – in design, education, innovation, media – as a way of addressing the climate crisis with positive practical action. Come and be part of the LIVE session to be join the Q&A and global chatroom.


David Holmgren

Maddy Harland

Brian von Herzen

Permayouth East Africa

Session 3:


8:00-9:00 AEST/11am-12pm BST

Join this truly global panel in conversation about permaculture regeneration – discussing the transformational examples and possibilities in degraded landscapes, refugee and marginalised communities and how permaculture can help directly address the climate, humanitarian and ecological crises with positive practical action. Be there live to join in the Q&A and global chatroom.


Rosemary Morrow

Natalie Topa

Narsanna Koppula

Boniface Gomes

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