Energy 2.0: online conference stream, May 10

Energy 2.0

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in renewable energy: the Energy 2.0 online conference stream on May 10. Here’s the description:

Energy 2.0 is the UNconference where we celebrate diverse perspectives, technologies, people, and the community at large who are driving the energy transition forward.

Our platform is for the workforce, leaders, investors, policymakers, and communities to share ideas to transform business at this pivotal time. E2Dot0 is where unique perspectives, generations, backgrounds, art, science, and technology collide. This year is more important than ever.

The energy transition is a pathway toward transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to net-zero carbon by the second half of this century. It’s the single largest economic transformation since the industrial revolution. With the resilience of business and society tested to the limit, our assumptions around the roles of business, academia, investors, government and the community at large are shifting. On top of disruptions to business, mobility, life, and work, there will be longer-lasting implications for this transition.

Since 2016, ALLY Energy (formerly Pink Petro) has annually convened energy experts, scientists, economists, artists, technologists, profound thinkers, and the curious about the possibilities of the new energy future. We’ve explored the intersection of the economy, energy, climate, and the people and workforce needed to power us into the next industrial revolution. Our belief is that all forms of energy are needed to power the demands of our world. This will require mass-scale allyship to drive this change.

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