SUSTAINX Roundtable: Ensuring best-in-class sustainability reporting: free webinar, May 10


A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the SUSTAINX Roundtable: Ensuring best-in-class sustainability reporting free webinar on May 10. Here’s the description:

Sustainability reporting or ESG reporting refers to a company’s disclosure of data internally and externally, covering metrics across the environmental, social, and governance areas of ESG. Reporting provides a snapshot of a company’s performance for the companies themselves, customers, investors and regulators.

In many industries sustainability reporting is already compulsory, but the importance of reporting is not to be underestimated. Misreporting of data, intentional or not, can lead to costly accusations of greenwashing. On the other hand, effectively communicating authentic progress can be beneficial to sales and in attracting talent and investors.

Sustainability reporting means creating transparency and accurately communicating it. But how?

How can best-in-class sustainability reporting be ensured?

At our next roundtable, with the help of our experts and speakers, we will answer this question and look at some reporting standards and requirements as well as how to effectively communicate sustainability progress. Join us to discuss sustainably reporting in greater depth and learn more about a variety of solutions to help improve your reporting.


Eva Schimmer, Manager / Financial Reporting & ESG Solutions at WTS Advisory

Robin Schenkewitz, Sustainability Expert at SUSTAINX

Sven Steinert, Director at SUSTAINX

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