‘Pathways’ tool Version 2 released to help students and professionals break into cellular agriculture

cellular agriculture

Useful for anyone interested in food tech:

Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) has updated their interactive tool ‘Pathways into Cellular Agriculture’ with the addition of non-STEM ‘Problems to Solve’. ‘Pathways’ is an initiative from CAA designed to drive more talent into cellular agriculture, an emerging industry and research field dedicated to producing animal products (such as meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, and leather) using cells rather than animals.

CAA initially developed ‘Pathways’ to assist students and job seekers in mapping technical STEM career pathways within areas of cellular agriculture research. But with the field rapidly growing, the focus has expanded to include the social, economic, cultural, and political dimensions of cellular agriculture that must be addressed if the industry is going to realise its potential once regulatory approval has been granted.

Version 2 incorporates current non-STEM research focus areas alongside those existing for STEM, creating a multidisciplinary tool that is reflective of the emerging needs of the industry and the diversity of talent needed to enter and power the field. Drawing on a range of existing publications and developed in consultation with research and industry experts, the initial non-STEM areas include public perception, policy and regulation, funding and investment, transition research, and commerce. The tool’s target user groups are high school and university students, graduates, and professionals who are curious about a career in cellular agriculture and want to explore current research focus areas. Read the full article on Protein Report.

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