Climate and Human Rights: Building Resilience for Business | Supply Chain Solutions: free webinar, June 15

Climate and Human Rights

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable supply chains: the Climate and Human Rights: Building Resilience for Business | Supply Chain Solutions free webinar on June 15:

Climate risks affect the supply chain by bringing great uncertainty over disruption, increased costs, and reduced efficacy. On the other hand, sustainable supply chain management can drive progress on climate protection and fair working conditions. Businesses which take meaningful action in this space will strengthen supply chain performance, as well as strengthening the communities along their supply chain.

This session will dive into the supply chain risks presented by climate change and showcase the benefits of assessing these risks through a human rights lens. It will feature examples from companies who have already embedded this approach in their supply chain practices. The speakers will provide perspectives from different sectors and geographies.

Confirmed Speakers:

– Wendy Savage, Director, Social Responsibility & Traceability, Patagonia

– Charlene Collison, Associate Director, Sustainable Value Chains and Livelihoods, Forum for the Future

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