Rural Policy Group Annual Conference: free webinar, May 26

Rural Policy Group

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture and food: the Rural Policy Group Annual Conference free webinar on May 26.

The Annual Conference 2022 will feature two sessions on some of the most fundamental questions facing leaders in the agriculture, food and farming industry:

10.00am Creating the Conditions for Investing In Sustainability

Opened by Daniel Zeichner, Shadow Environment Minister, with Tim Doubleday, CFO, Burger King UK and Head of the Sustainability Committee of the Hospitality Sector Council, Stephen Winningham, Co-Founder of City Harvest London and Sarah Dodds, Head of Agriculture at MHA.

12.00pm The Evolving Role of Land Use In A Sustainable Economy

Opened by Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat EFRA Spokesperson, with speakers David Carter, CEO City Harvest London and Rachel Nutt, Head of Renewable and Sustainable Energy at MHA.

The opening session features the launch of the Annual Report. A financial valuation and sustainability statement to demonstrate the contributions of the rural sector to a thriving and sustainable UK plc. It will also show how changes to the policy framework would unleash a rural powerhouse to lead the march towards a greener and more just economy.

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