What if switching to solar cost the same as a new fridge?: free webinar, June 1

switching to solar

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in solar: the What if switching to solar cost the same as a new fridge? free webinar on June 1:

If we are going to reach our U.S. 2030 carbon emission reduction goals, we need to make a dramatic shift to renewable energy sources now. Of the current renewable options on the market, one of the choices for individuals is solar power. But the process for a household to switch to solar is expensive, laborious, and time-intensive. Due to these setbacks, solar only accounts for less than 3% of the U.S.’s energy sources.

How might we rethink the cost, process, and price structure of switching to solar? What if switching to solar was as easy as purchasing a new appliance? What if it was an affordable option for the average American household?

Todd Georgopapadakos is tackling this challenge head-on with his new venture, SafeConnect. He is on a mission to bring solar electricity to the average homeowner by slashing the cost in half by reducing the time that it takes to install solar at the home. We look forward to speaking with Todd about rethinking the process of switching to solar energy so we can make a significant impact on the grid and increase renewable energy sources.

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