AI: The Global Green Deal: free virtual conference, May 31

AI: The Global Green Deal

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in green tech: the AI: The Global Green Deal free virtual conference on May 31:

There are no organisations and industries which should not put green business practices on the top of their agenda. This conference brings twenty industry leaders and experts together to spotlight the current and future best business practices propelled by AI and other cognitive technologies, paving our path to a future with a societal welfare and blooming economies on a healthy planet.

Stemming out from the idea of the European Green Deal initiated by the European Commission, this conference escalates the challenge to the global agenda. In our globalized world where everything is interconnected, best practices have no boarders – neither geographically nor in time. How we run our businesses has not only a crucial impact on the local business performance, but also on people, the environment, societies, and economies worldwide, both today and in the future.

It is our top responsibility today to find the most innovative practices and applications that pave our way into a sustainable future. Emerging technologies play a fundamental role in this – making processes more effective and products greener while minimizing waste and lowering the use & costs of resources.

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