Regenerative Agriculture (Nature Based Carbon Markets): free webinar, June 9

Nature Based Carbon Markets

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in carbon markets: the Regenerative Agriculture (Nature Based Carbon Markets) free webinar on June 9.

Event Description


Please join us for a conversation with Perennial, as we dive deep into Nature Based Carbon Markets, and their role in facilitating the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution!



David Schurman, Co-Founder & CTO: David Schurman is a computational scientist, information designer, and entrepreneur specializing in Earth and planetary sciences applications. He is the co-founder and CTO of Perennial, a remote sensing and climate-tech company developing a global measurement platform for soil-based carbon credits. Prior to Perennial, David was a software lead at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. David holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brown University.

Dr. James (Jim) R. Kellner, Chief Scientist: James R. Kellner is a professor of biology, environmental scientist, and expert in land remote sensing. He teaches at Brown University and is a co-Investigator on the NASA Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation, a mission designed to quantify aboveground carbon density in forests using an instrument on the International Space Station. Kellner serves as the Chief Scientist for Perennial.

Laura Klein, Carbon Market Strategy Lead: Laura Klein started her career in biotech and life science consulting before transitioning into agtech and climate. Her interest in regenerative agriculture’s impact on climate change began during her undergraduate program at Stanford University, where she continued her studies to complete a master’s degree focused on sustainable systems. She currently leads carbon market strategy at Perennial.

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