Climate Art Workshop: Electrify Everything: free webinar, June 24

Climate Art

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate design or communications: the Climate Art Workshop: Electrify Everything free webinar on June 24.

Join Nicole Kelner, MCJ’s Artist-in-Residence, to learn how to paint or draw your own version of an “Electrify Everything” image.

​Nicole will share techniques on how to take a complicated climate concept into a simple visual. These tips can be helpful for anyone in the climate ecosystem to start thinking about how to communicate more effectively on their website, social media, and general marketing. At the end, we’ll have time for a Q&A with Nicole on climate art.


  • ​5 minute buffer
  • ​10 minute introduction, ice breakers
  • ​30 minutes of drawing
  • ​10-15 minutes of Q&A with Nicole on climate art

​​Materials: bring a pencil and eraser. If you have any paints, watercolors, or colored pencils you can use those as well. No prior art experience required.

​Nicole Kelner is working at the intersection of art, climate, and technology. She uses watercolors to communicate complex, systematic challenges in climate and present them in a beautiful and accessible way. Her goal is to use art to inspire climate action. Nicole was previously the co-founder and COO at The Coding Space, an after school program to teach kids how to code. She helped lead the company to acquisition in 2019. Most recently, she was Head of Operations at Dashboard.Earth. Prior to that she was Chief of Staff at Climate Finance Solutions.

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