Developing Regional Infrastructure to Accelerate Your Suppliers’ Regenerative Transition: free webinar, June 29

Regenerative Transition

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable supply chains: the Developing Regional Infrastructure to Accelerate Your Suppliers’ Regenerative Transition free webinar on June 29.

We know many of our committed companies are interested in working more closely with farmers to support their transition to regenerative agricultural practices. Yet, what’s often not discussed are the infrastructure challenges farmers face once they are ready to harvest. Don’t miss this session as we dive into the opportunities for brands to build regional supplier networks to support regenerative transitions.

We’ll hear from Ryan Anderson, Senior Vice President of Services at Steward, on the challenges farmers face in transitioning practices. Hint: it goes beyond lack of financial resources. Elizabeth Candelario, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Mad Ag, will highlight their work at the intersection of brands and farmers. Lastly, we’ll hear from Hannah Nooney, Director of Operations at Moonshot, on their regional approach and work with Cairnspring.

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