The Ultimate Funding Stack for Climate Tech: free webinar, June 29

Climate Tech

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Ultimate Funding Stack for Climate Tech free webinar on June 29.

OpenGrants CEO, Sedale Turbovsky, and Enduring Planet CEO, Dimitry Gershenson, will break down today’s funding opportunities and tools for climate tech companies, including grants, revenue based financing, and more. This session is perfect for any founder in the climate space looking for funding to scale and strategizing for a long-term plan.

The conversation will cover:

The funding landscape for climate companies in 2022

Types of non-dilutive funding available to climate companies

How to find the right opportunity and prepare your company to receive funding

Tips to manage fundraising in an economic downturn

Speaker Information

Sedale Turbovsky, CEO & Co-Founder, OpenGrants

Sedale Turbovsky is the CEO and co-founder of OpenGrants, a venture-backed startup focused on building modern infrastructure for funding. He has been an entrepreneur since childhood. After honing his leadership skills as an outdoor guide in his younger years, he started his professional career as an independent consultant focused on delivering data products and digital strategies to enterprise clients in South America.

He is experienced in independent grant writing and public/private partnerships at the highest level, having worked directly with OpenGrants’ current strategic partner, Momentum.

Dimitry Gershenson, CEO & Co-Founder, Enduring Planet

Dimitry Gershenson is the co-founder and CEO of Enduring Planet. Dimitry has worked in climate and impact investing for over a decade, partnering with, and investing in startups, funds, and non-profits across the US, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Prior to Enduring Planet, Dimitry led M&A and served as COO for Rango Wireless, an Enduring Ventures portfolio company. Before that, Dimitry built Meta’s Energy Access program, a $15M+ investing initiative that enabled energy access for 3M people and unlocked over $500M in additional capital in underserved markets like Kenya and India. While at Meta, Dimitry also led the development of multiple predictive ML products in the cleantech space and built corporate accelerator programs for impact startups in India and Puerto Rico.

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