What Is the State of the Global Workforce? The Role of Business: Sustainable Workplaces: free webinar, July 7

Sustainable Workplaces

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable business: the What Is the State of the Global Workforce? The Role of Business: Sustainable Workplaces free webinar on July 7.

HRM / IOE / USCIB will hold a Global Town Hall during HLPF 2022 on the state of the global workforce and creating sustainable workplaces. This event is recognized by the UN as a formal HLPF Side Event.


Panelists will explore the important role business played during the pandemic and its ability to provide an important role in the future.

The pandemic has catapulted businesses forward to reinvent the future of work in embracing flexibility and reinventing the future of work. How are employers reinventing the workplace to respond to their employees?

Resilience fosters sustainability, inclusion, and growth. How should we build a resilient workplace/workforce that delivers sustainability, inclusion, and growth to create lasting opportunities for all and raise the dignity of work?

For too long, governments and businesses have operated in silos, resulting in economies that are neither sustainable nor inclusive. How should they work together to drive economic growth and a more just society?

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