Unlocking ROI: Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement: free webinar, July 21

Sustainable Procurement

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable procurement: the Unlocking ROI: Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement free webinar on July 21.

Managing a successful sustainability initiative is a company-wide endeavour. It goes beyond the organisation to encompass the entire value chain and includes, among other things, monitoring greenhouse emissions reductions, modern slavery prevention, and the provision of decent working conditions throughout the supplier base.

Join us on July 21, 2022 from 1-2pm AEST (11am – 12pm HKT) for “Unlocking ROI: Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement,” where our team will dive into the topic of sustainability in Asia-Pacific, the role the EcoVadis Solution can play in helping organisations kickstart or accelerate their sustainable procurement ambitions, and the return on investment procurement teams can enjoy.

Joining us in a panel discussion are Siobhan Leach, Group Sustainability Officer, and Michael Haynes, Global Responsible Sourcing Manager, at Ramsay Health Care, to discuss their approach to sustainable procurement and how their program has contributed to a recently refinanced loan. Headquartered in Australia, Ramsay provides quality health care through a global network of clinical practice, teaching and research. Its global network extends across 10 countries, with over eight million admissions/patient visits to its facilities in over 532 locations.

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