Getting Decarb Done: A Guide for Business: free webinar, August 4

Getting Decarb Done

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the Getting Decarb Done: A Guide for Business free webinar on August 4.

Companies face increasing pressure to dramatically reduce, report and account for how their operations impact society and the environment. Consumers and shareholders demand meaningful reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and resource consumption, while receiving the same high-quality, reliable service that turns a profit.

As believers in technologies, businesses know that they must evolve their operations to align with shared societal and environmental goals while protecting their bottom lines. Many are electrifying their fleets, as the largest contributor to GHG emissions in the U.S., and using tools to gain better insight about how their operations impact the communities they serve and the environment they share. These smart strategies help companies find funding resources, create efficiencies, and better predict and control energy and water costs and emissions.

This hour-long conversation helps companies accelerate progress toward sustainability targets and create long-term cost efficiencies and community benefit by understanding where and when to make operational investments.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Plan high impact transportation infrastructure projects that propel your sustainability and decarbonization goals.
  • Make the right investment at the right time and in the right place by evaluating investments through a comprehensive view of sustainability, economic impact, social justice and equity, emission impact, supply chain materials, and product impacts and costs.
  • Compare and design ideal projects and locations that align with overarching goals, achieve triple bottom line benefits, and embody sustainable design and engineering.


  • Joel Makower, Co-Founder & Chairman, GreenBiz Group


  • Maryline Daviaud Lewett, Director, Business Development, Black & Veatch
  • JC Alonzo, Senior Environmental Sustainability Specialist, Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch is an infrastructure leader in transportation, telecommunications, power and water with decades of experience helping companies engineer and construct optimal systems with a focus on resilience and sustainability. Through first-of-a-kind projects with some of the world’s largest companies across transportation and logistics, finance, energy, and cloud services, Black & Veatch helps businesses reach operational goals and create an enduring sustainability framework.

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