Pharma x Scope 3 Chapter Workshop – Decarbonising the Pharma Supply Chain: free webinar, July 12

Decarbonising the Pharma Supply Chain

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable supply chains: the Pharma x Scope 3 Chapter Workshop – Decarbonising the Pharma Supply Chain free webinar on July 12.

The SPP’s Pharma Chapter and the Scope 3 Chapter are coming together to produce a joint, interactive session that will:

– Explore and clarify the current landscape of activity and initiatives in the pharma industry on scope 3

– Discuss the role that procurement professionals play and the support they need

– Connect and align the key professionals working on this major challenge in our industry sector

To sign up for the SPP’s Scope 3 Chapter and/or the Pharma Chapter (and any other Chapters relevant for you), please visit and select “Chapters”.

We look forward to having you join us!

Fred Turco & Zelia Kranich (Co-Chairs of the SPP Pharma Chapter)

Eric Danjoux & Claudia Stijlen (Co-Chairs of the SPP Scope 3 Chapter)Featured panel discussions:

State of Carbon Dioxide Removal: The Social, Political, Economic Landscape Panel

Innovation Panel

Equity and Economic Opportunity Panel

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