Building carbon removal ventures with Carbon13: free webinar, July 11


A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: the Building carbon removal ventures with Carbon13 free webinar on July 11.

Welcome to Carbon13’s webinar, open to anyone working on a carbon removal venture – or looking to do so.

This webinar will look at the most urgent challenges in carbon removal for entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the global effort to reach Net Zero and build a venture that can credibly, measurably and significantly reduce CO2e emissions.

This webinar will also introduce Carbon13’s approach to supporting founders to launch carbon removal ventures, including:

Finding the right cofounder for a complex science-based venture

Maximising the total potential carbon removal and communicating it to investors and customers

Building an investable startup for scaling impact

The webinar will by hosted by Dr Nicky Dee, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer at Carbon13.

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