Making Waves: Women Leaders in Ocean Conservation: free webinar, July 26

Ocean Conservation

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ocean conservation: the Making Waves: Women Leaders in Ocean Conservation free webinar on July 26.

No matter where we live, oceans make our lives better. They supply 50% of the oxygen we breathe and sustain fisheries that provide food and income for more than three billion people. But the world is changing fast.

We have already lost significant coastal and marine habitats – one third of the world’s mangroves and seagrasses, half of the world’s coral reefs, and 85% of the world’s shellfish reefs. With half the world’s population living on or near coastlines, declines in coastal habitats are impacting our food, livelihoods and safety.

In response, women leaders from all over the world are rising to the challenge and leading efforts to restore the health of our oceans. They are taking action to protect their lands and waters, maintain their cultural traditions, and secure their future and their children’s future in the face of climate change.

A key strategy for supporting healthy and resilient communities is building women’s leadership. Evidence shows that increasing women’s ability to participate in natural resource management and climate action creates a win-win situation.

Please join us to hear stories from these incredible women about how they are leading ocean solutions around the world.


  • Jen Morris – CEO, The Nature Conservancy
  • Kelly Medley – Global Vice President of Communications, CSR/Social Impact & Sustainability, Mary Kay
  • Dr. Sherry Constantine – Director of the Eastern Caribbean Program, The Nature Conservancy
  • Selina Leem – Climate warrior and poet, The Marshall Islands
  • Jacqueline Nen – Country Director, Papua New Guinea, The Nature Conservancy


  • Dr. Lizzie Mcleod, Global Reefs Lead, The Nature Conservancy

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