Collecting Quality, Comparable, and Transparent Data: free webinar, July 21

Transparent Data

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the Collecting Quality, Comparable, and Transparent Data free webinar on July 21.

Accurately Inform Investment Decisions and Communicate Reliably with Wider Stakeholders

With ever-increasing demands for ESG data, businesses face the challenge of collecting high-quality data from across their operations that provides value and insight to the business, and key stakeholders.

In this 60-minute webinar discussion we’ll share ideas on how business can and are already leveraging new technologies and data networks that generate quality, comparable, and transparent ESG data, plus we’ll learn from finance leaders about how they are utilising this data.

Key areas of discussion:

  • Techniques that are allowing for the collection of quality, comparable and transparent data
  • Learn what systems and tools are tackling the influx of requests and differing data sets
  • Discover how to navigate the data management and measurement challenge
  • What defines quality sustainability data from an investment perspective

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