#EUCircularTalks: EU Textiles Strategy in Motion – What does it mean for the future of textiles?: free webinar, September 26


A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in the circular economy: the #EUCircularTalks: EU Textiles Strategy in Motion – What does it mean for the future of textiles? free webinar on September 26.

About the EU Circular Talks

The EU Circular Talks is an exchange concept of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. It aims to encourage stakeholders to interact and discuss the circular economy topics in the platform.

Stakeholders initiate the topics themselves. These can take multiple forms of online events; workshops, seminars, debates or Q&As. These are followed by discussions directly via the platform’s communication channels. The #EUCircularTalks uses all the communication channels to inform the community and foster the debate on the circular economy. The results of each EU Circular Talk is summarised and published on the ECESP platform.

The Workshops

In March 2022, the European Commission released its “EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles” in the Circular Economy Action Plan framework. The strategy aims at setting a framework to boost the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of the EU textile sector.

Six months after its release, we will unpack the Textiles Strategy and views on the implementation from various political levels. Come and hear from EU policymakers, including the European Commission, European Parliament, EESC and frontrunner national representatives, how they envisage the implementation and the next steps of sustainable and circular textiles.

The workshop will be the opportunity to discuss the strategy’s implementation based on its vision for the current textile industry. This vision seeks to offer longer-lasting, recyclable, affordable, and high-quality textile products while developing economically profitable re-use and repair services in a competitive, resilient, and innovative textiles sector.

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