An introduction to Carbon13 for commercial founders: free webinar, August 15


A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: the An introduction to Carbon13 for commercial founders free webinar on August 15.

Welcome to Carbon13’s webinar, open to anyone looking to build a startup that can reduce emissions and help the world achieve Net Zero.

Whether you’ve already built a startup or are new to entrepreneurship, this webinar will introduce you to the specifics of building startups for the climate, i.e. startups with high decarbonisation or carbon capture potential. We’ll discuss the biggest opportunities in decarbonisation and carbon capture, and will also cover how founders use Carbon13’s Venture Builder to build these high impact and commercially scalable startups.

Carbon13’s seven-month Venture Builder programme supports a cohort of 60+ founders to form cofounding teams and develop their ideas into a commercially successful venture capable of reducing emissions by millions of tonnes.

With 20 investments in 10 months, with another 12-14 to come this summer, Carbon13 is fast becoming the best launchpad for complex projects with a high decarbonisation impact.

Who this webinar is for

This webinar is for every entrepreneur, corporate professional, or commercial leader from an emitting sector, who wants to build a startup that fights climate change.

Whether you’re already working on a decarbonisation idea, or are new to climate entrepreneurship, this webinar will help you understand what you can do to make an impact on the climate.

You may also be part of a cofounding team already, but most commercial founders come to us because they’re looking for a committed cofounder with the same appetite for innovation that they have, but with a technical skillset to complement their commercial one. You may be looking for a CTO to build a software solution, or scientist/engineer with a hardtech/deeptech innovation who’s looking to commercialise.

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