Clean Creatives: How Your Marketing Team Can Accelerate Climate Action: free webinar, August 10

Clean Creatives

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable marketing: the Clean Creatives: How Your Marketing Team Can Accelerate Climate Action free webinar on August 10.

Earlier this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change named fossil fuel advertising and PR as one of the biggest barriers to climate action. Fossil fuel companies use marketing campaigns to mislead the public into thinking their products are green, or that the climate transition is too expensive or difficult to achieve.

To help put an end to this, the team at Clean Creatives has built a framework that gives brands like yours a platform to steer the creative industry away from working for fossil fuels. Join us on August 10th to hear from Clean Creatives’ Executive Director Duncan Meisel on how your business can be a part of a growing campaign to put an end to oil industry greenwashing on our webinar.

Advertising produced by your creative agencies may be contributing to obstructing climate action. With powerful examples of current oil industry greenwashing, Duncan will walk participants through the consequences of fossil fuel ads, and how they negatively impact your business. He will share information on how your business can take the Clean Creatives Pledge so that you can stop hiring agencies that do dirty work and cut off the disinformation campaigns of the fossil fuel industry.

Duncan Meisel of Clean Creatives explains, “Every misleading thing that people believe about climate has its roots in a creative agency paid by fossil fuel companies, and it continues to this day.”

Businesses that take the Clean Creatives Pledge before September will be highlighted at Clean Creative events at Climate Week 2022 in NYC.

Join the August 10th webinar to learn more about this high impact way to transform the climate landscape and benefit your brand at the same time. Bring your marketing team!

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