Vectors Capital BioInnovation x Climate Challenge: free webinar, July 26

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture or bio-manufacturing: the Vectors Capital BioInnovation x Climate Challenge free webinar on July 26.

Vectors Capital launched the BioInnovation x Climate Challenge with the mission to identify early-stage companies building bio-based solutions to climate change in the fields of Food / Agriculture and Bio-Manufacturing. The Challenge brings startups together with industry experts and investors to create an ecosystem to shorten their go-to-market timelines.

Over the last few months, the Vectors Capital team, alongside our amazing panel of judges from leading corporate venture funds (Merck, TDK, Mitsubishi Chemical, Hitachi) and government agencies (ARPA-E, Department of Energy), have met with many bio-based ventures and selected the most promising. We invite you to be part of the action and listen in on the finalist presentations. (edited)


Food / Agriculture

ClimateCrop – Gene editing crops to withstand climate change

NouriSol – Organic biofertilizers made specifically for each farm

Renegade Foods – Premium deli meats and charcuterie from plants

Wild Microbes – The dictionary of wild bacteria, lowering costs and improving process robustness across the bioeconomy


Prosel Biosciences – Seleno-engineered industrial enzymes

Pyrone Systems – Sustainable insecticides to preserve the ecosystem while protecting crops

Avisa Myko – Melanin UV blockers for the future of sunscreen

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