What makes for a successful remote collaboration?: free webinar, July 27

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in remote working: the What makes for a successful remote collaboration? free webinar on July 27.

4 seasoned remote collaborators with a rich and diverse experiences will sit around the proverbial table gleaning from each other and their own experiences the highs and lows of collaboration focusing on techniques and practices that work beyond the theory and into real life.

Stefan Morales – Founder at Working Together Consulting, consultant and group process facilitator

Jyotsna Maan (Jyo) – A collaborative process facilitator and community builder with a particular interest in action learning in participatory culture & transformations, based in Des Moines, IA, USA.

Nenad Maljković – commoner in Croatian Permaculture, a practitioner with interest in social and economic aspects of permaculture, network weaver, group process facilitator and agile remote collaboration coach

Aimee Fenech – co-founder of Eco Hacker Farm & the Funding Circle, member of the Digital Circle and the International Permaculture CoLab – group process facilitator, permaculture teacher & student. Over a decade of experience working with groups remotely and in person.

The session is particularly relevant to you if you are involved in remote working groups or want to go into online remote work. #remotework #remotecollaboration

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