Green Careers August – Building Electrification: free webinar, August 9

Building Electrification

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable buildings: the Green Careers August – Building Electrification free webinar on August 9.

Join us at the August Green Careers event for a panel discussion + Q&A with individuals who work at the nexus of building electrification and energy.

Most of New York City was built before “sustainability” was even a word, but now it is poised to become the most environmentally friendly city in America. Retrofitting buildings, greening the grid, installing solar, and more will require a lot of people in boots making it a reality. Join us to talk about the trades, crafts, and the education needed to be part of what promises to be a huge workforce of green collar jobs. Come hear from professionals involved in various aspects of converting our buildings from using fossil fuels to electricity.

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