Carbofex: Biochar at Scale: free webinar, August 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: the Carbofex: Biochar at Scale free webinar on August 23.

OpenAir is excited to present This Is CDR, an online event series that explores the wide range of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions currently being researched, developed, and deployed, and contextualize them for policy proposals OpenAir seeks to advance in New York, and other states, localities, and jurisdictions worldwide.

This week on This Is CDR we are pleased to welcome Carbofex Founder and CEO Sampo Tukiainen to tell us about the company’s pyrolysis systems that use waste biomass to produce biochar and renewable energy at scale.

About Sampo:

Sampo Tukiainen is the CEO and founder of Carbofex, a revolutionary CO2-removal (biochar) company. Carbofex developed the first biochar based CO2-removal methodology with, and was the first company to sell biochar based CO2-removal certificates.

Carbofex was also the first company to successfully build and operate a large scale allothermal continuous pyrolysis process, and utilise the energy excess in the district heating network of the city of Tampere.

Sampo Tukiainen has worked in the renewables industry for the past 20 years pioneering pyrolysis technology. Over the years he has been active in the implementation of a variety of innovative projects from gasification to pyrolysis and liquid biofuels, with more than 15 international projects under his belt.

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