Regenerative Business Exploration: free webinar, August 23

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable finance: the Regenerative Business Exploration free webinar on August 23.

In a world that is finally open to understand the impact that business has on nature and open to exploring the opportunity that nature can have on business – is the finance community ready to embrace, empower and educate themselves on what and how to account, report and drive different behaviours…

In truth our world cannot survive through sustainability alone, it’s too late for that. We need to regenerate our planet and that starts with people, place, process. In short we need to stop stealing from our future and start healing the future instead.

Opening up the conversation for finance professionals to explore what this means for us and our organisations. How to value nature, consider value that is being held off balance sheet currently and discuss how we can bring our ledgers to account for regenerative business.

Come along and find out more, contribute, educate and explore what this means to create a generation of finance professionals who want to ensure we have a future.

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