Work on Climate Success Stories – August 2022: free webinar, August 23

Always good to hear about the experience of others: Work on Climate Success Stories – August 2022 free webinar on August 23.

This event is organized by Work On Climate ( but open to all.

Panelists: Breene Murphy, Tammy Tseng, and Stuart Vanden Heuvel

Moderator: Lena Burova and Priyanka Erande

Event Description


Join us for a panel event where active members of the WoCl community share their success stories in breaking into (or being involved in) climate work. They will share their journeys, their struggles, their words of advice, and their perspective with the rest of the community.

Speaker 1: Breene Murphy runs strategy and marketing at Carbon Collective

Speaker 2: Tammy Tseng is a data scientist at Watershed

Speaker 3: Stuart Vanden Heuvel is an Enterprise Account Executive at Rheaply

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