Meet GHG Goals and Reduce Energy Costs with Managed Charging: free webinar, August 30

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in EVs: the Meet GHG Goals and Reduce Energy Costs with Managed Charging free webinar on August 30.

As pressure mounts for corporations to see both financial return and greenhouse gas emissions reductions with their transition to EV fleets, charging management software could be the answer. AMPLY Power and WattTime have partnered to help fleets to automatically charge when electricity generated GHG emissions and costs are lowest. Research from WattTime has shown that emissions-optimized charging can further reduce associated emissions nearly 20% annually and up to 90% on individual days.

Webcast speakers will discuss:

  • How to plan for peak renewable energy timeframes on the grid to reduce emissions, while charging at the lowest cost energy windows
  • A real-world customer success story who reduced costs and GHG emissions with managed charging
  • The top metro areas that benefit from energy and GHG co-optimized charging


  • Heather Clancy, VP, Editorial, GreenBiz Group


  • Lexi Wiley, VP of Marketing and Communications, AMPLY Power
  • Chiel Borenstein, Senior Partnerships Manager, WattTime

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