How to Stick to Net Zero in Uncertain Times: free webinar, August 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the How to Stick to Net Zero in Uncertain Times free webinar on August 24.

In periods of economic uncertainty, and when sectors slow down, net zero and sustainability strategies can be deprioritised as small businesses focus on survival.

But the climate crisis won’t slow down because the economy does, and it won’t wait for your business to be a certain size, or even for it to be ‘ready’. We need to be building businesses that will ensure we’ll have a resourceful planet to do business in.

“In many big decisions we make, we wait for the ‘right time’. There’s no right time. The time is now.” – Garreth Griffith, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Impact Officer of Habito

In this 1-hour session, we’ll discuss how Tech Zero members, and tech companies in general, can stick to net zero in uncertain times, and make sure it’s maintained as a strategic priority.

Our speakers will share:

How prioritising net zero can give your business an advantage when it comes to finding funding and support

Their own experience in prioritising net zero at the same time as growing a company

Practical steps you can take to make sure your business stays on track for net zero, no matter what the world throws at you

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