Lessons learned on the path to net zero: free webinar, August 24

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: the Lessons learned on the path to net zero free webinar on August 24.

Taking climate action isn’t just good for the climate – it’s also good for business.

In addition to doing their part in the fight against climate change, companies that work to reduce their emissions also have an easier time attracting customers, investors, and employees. Plus, they give themselves a head start for complying with future legislation.

In this webinar, representatives from a selection of businesses using Normative will share:

  • How to pragmatically implement climate action
  • The tools that can help businesses along the way
  • Learnings and best practices

Then we’ll open the floor to discussion, so you can ask the speakers anything you want to know about the practicalities of taking climate action.


  • Justice Nutakor – Sustainability Coordinator at Reform
  • Åsvor Brynnel – Head of Communications and Sustainability at Assemblin
  • Jayne Higham – Graduate Research Engineer at MTC
  • Asna Dodhy – Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative

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