Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Framework and Strategies: free webinar, September 9

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable fashion: the Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Framework and Strategies free webinar on September 9.

The fashion industry contributes significantly to the global economy but has one of the largest environmental footprints. Moreover, most of the fashion industry operates at a fast pace, which is often referred to as fast fashion. Not surprisingly, some of the biggest fashion brands we see in our local malls are all part of the fast fashion trend, which means there is urgency throughout the value chain—from design to production to shipping and display. Collection launches are hardly seasonal anymore, there is an urgent frequency in the replacement of clothing inventories.

The journey across the lifecycle of a fashion product—design, material, manufacturing or fabric processing and treatment, packaging, supply chain, and retail- is under the sustainability scanner. As a result, changing fashion business models are becoming the norm in the industry. The next step is to refocus structured goals on circularity and sustainability.

Let’s bring the discourse around responsible fashion into the spotlight!

The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) Environment Alliance takes great pleasure to invite you to the Digital Talk on the 09th of September at 9 am CET on “Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Framework and Strategies”. Do not miss the opportunity and join us.

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