Biological Materials and Material Reuse: free webinar, September 20

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable buildings: Biological Materials and Material Reuse free webinar on September 20.

​Biohm has been developing one of the most innovative biological construction materials on the market. Biohms. focus is on mycelium; a network of fungal threads that grows underground. Biohm has been developing new strains of fungi that can be used to develop a range of products, including a new building insulation. Mycelium insulation is naturally fire resistant. It also has high insulation levels and sequesters carbon. It is an incredible circular alternative to most current insulation products that are highly carbon intensive to manufacture. Many current insulations are petrochemical based, release VOCs and are difficult to recycle.

Rotor DC are currently the most visible salvage yard in western Europe. They have taken initiatives to save materials going to landfill and mapped out a supply of secondary materials with their online inventory. Rotor DC is a spinoff of Rotor, a cooperative design practice that investigates the organisation of the material environment and organises the reuse of construction materials. Their aim is to make reuse of materials easy. They dismantle, process and trade salvaged building components.

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