Climate Policy w/ Lucy Hargreaves & Matt Ewing: free webinar, September 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: Climate Policy w/ Lucy Hargreaves & Matt Ewing free webinar on September 15.

​Attend this session hosted by Candice Ammori to learn more about climate policy, levers to pull and how you can get involved.

About the Speakers

Lucy Hargreaves is currently leading Public Affairs and Policy for, an API-first carbon removal platform building the infrastructure for the sustainable economy. She’s a seasoned leader, strategist, and operator with 20+ years of global experience focused on climate action and sustainability in rapidly growing startups, politics, the UN, OECD and private foundations.

Lucy currently works as a Board Member for Oceans North which supports marine conservation in partnership with Indigenous and coastal communities in Canada and is the Head of Public Affairs + Policy at Patch. Patch is working to build infrastructure to power a sustainable economy.

Prior to current role, Matt Ewing worked at Swing Left. The organization became one of the largest sources of volunteers for Democratic campaigns (5m doors knocked in 2018), raised over $35m in direct donations to candidates, and incubated movement wide initiatives like The Last Weekend and Vote Forward. As Senior Advisor to Vote Forward, he helped the organization grow nearly 20x in two years. During my 5 years at MoveOn, he designed one of the first national distributed organizing models in the country and pioneered many of the first online-to-offline organizing models. In the private sector, he co-founded Scoot Networks, one of the first venture backed shared electric vehicle companies (acquired by Bird).

He’s currently building a new political organization, the Down Ballot Climate Project, that’s focused on winning super local races that have an outsized impact on climate justice. He’s on the Board Chair of TechEquity Action, a member of the board at the MoveOn Education Fund, and an advisor to Climate Changemakers.

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