Plastic Credits: The New Mechanism to Reduce Your Waste Footprint: free webinar, September 22

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in waste reduction: the Plastic Credits: The New Mechanism to Reduce Your Waste Footprint free webinar on September 22.

In this 45 minute session, we will explore how you can take action to reduce your company’s plastic waste footprint.

A new market of Plastic Credits is evolving, offering companies innovative ways to finance waste collection efforts and recycling infrastructure in the regions of their Plastic Footprint.

The speakers of this session will share how Plastic Credits work, why it is not a typical compensation tool, and how climate strategies can benefit from financing a circular economy infrastructure for your value chain. If you’d like to join the event in-person, please reach out to (please note there are limited spaces).


Lukas Hoex

Lukas Hoex is the Associate Director within the South Pole Circular Economy team. He has more than 15 years’ experience in sustainability and circular economy. For eight years, Lukas has been leading the circular economy strategy and related new business development activities at Royal DSM, a Dutch material and life science company.

Nicole Schlemmer

Nicole Schlemmer is a plastics and circular economy Consultant at South Pole. She has over three years’ experience in sustainable materials strategy, fast-moving consumer goods and digital management consulting. In her role at South Pole, Nicole primarily focuses on supporting companies with their plastic footprint and plastic mitigation strategies as well as investments in plastic waste infrastructure through Plastic Credits. Prior to joining South Pole, Nicole led the HEINEKEN global plastic programme, overseeing 20+ global projects and engaging internal and external stakeholders to adopt a circular economy approach for packaging.


Nick Aster

Nick is Marketing Director, North America at South Pole. With 20 years of corporate sustainability experience, Nick Aster is a recognized writer, panelist, public speaker and thought leader covering sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental issues and technology.

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