Energy and Emissions Reductions: Carbon Removal: free webinar, September 8

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in CDR: the Energy and Emissions Reductions: Carbon Removal free webinar on September 8.

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also known as negative CO2 emissions, is a process in which carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is removed from the atmosphere and sequestered for long periods of time. Methods include afforestation, agricultural practices that sequester carbon in soils, bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, ocean fertilization, enhanced weathering, and direct air capture when combined with storage.

This month we’ll explore the skills, tools and job opportunities within the carbon removal sector. Whether that’s carbon capture and storage or kelp forest regeneration, this is an interesting opportunity to learn about the industry from those that understand it best. We have two very interesting speakers who will provide insight from their point of view, followed by breakout sessions, where you’ll get the chance to speak directly with our experts.

Speaker 1: Adam Samuel at CapChar

Speaker 2: Ted Christie-Miller at BeZero Carbon

Speaker 3: Tom Previte at The Carbon Removal Show / Supercritical


12:30: Welcome

12:35: Speaker 1

12:45: Speaker 2

12:55: Speaker 3

13:10: Breakout rooms with speakers

13:30: Readouts from rooms

13:40: Final thoughts and round up

13:45: Finish.

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