Maximising Supplier Collaboration: free webinar, September 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable procurement: the Maximising Supplier Collaboration free webinar on September 15.

To successfully deliver on your sustainability ambitions, you must ensure that your suppliers can transform with you. Your suppliers must be supported and incentivized to drive change across their operations, and their own supply chain. Find out more about the new way of empowering your suppliers and leaving no-one behind

In this webinar we will cover how to:

  • Move away from the one-sided, demanding dynamic of a buyer, to educate and empower your suppliers through support groups, networks, and alliances to help them learn from your business, and from one another
  • Explore the most effective means of incentivization through setting KPIs, internal recognition and rewarding achievements
  •  Understand how to invest in supplier capacity building by enacting real change in managerial practices for improved productivity and socially and environmentally responsible labour processes

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