Bluemethane Founding Story w/ Louise Parlons Bentata & Nestor Rueda-Vallejo: free webinar, November 11

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in climate tech: The Bluemethane Founding Story w/ Louise Parlons Bentata & Nestor Rueda-Vallejo free webinar on November 11.

Interviewed by Candice Ammori, attend this session to learn more about Nestor & Louise’s journey to building their deep tech startup that captures methane from water sources has been over the last 18+ months.

About the Speakers

Louise Parlons Bentata has expertise in sustainability, innovation, brand strategy, and marketing. As a consultant prior to Bluemethane, Louise supported management teams in global and SME companies with marketing, strategy, branding and lead generation, and has experience across all major regions. Her client experience focused on specialist engineering and manufacturing industries. Louise holds an MBA from INSEAD, an MA in Geography from Cambridge University and a postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from Cambridge University.

Nestor Rueda-Vallejo specialises in structural integrity and process optimisation using computational modelling and simulation tools. Néstor’s focus has been on the development of engineering projects under the most challenging environments and situations for hydropower, public utilities, process, and mining companies across Europe and Latin America. Néstor holds a BSc and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

​About the Interviewer

​Candice Ammori advises climate tech startups and was most recently the Founding Director of On Deck Climate Tech where she built a startup ecosystem and invested in climate tech companies. In the last year, she brought together 750+ people from across the global climate tech ecosystem, from policy experts to investors and founders, and helped talented folks start dozens of impactful organizations. Before that, her career spanned finance, data science, VR, cloud computing, and running a local business. She has a grad degree in statistics (focused on the ethics of AI) from the University of Michigan.

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