Material Passports and Zero Waste Sites: free webinar, October 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable buildings: The Material Passports and Zero Waste Sites free webinar on October 12.

What is a material passport and why are they important for circularity in buildings? Rachel Hoolahan, Orms sustainability co-ordinator and UKGBC Design for Circularity working group leader, will lead us through why material passports are key to implementing a circular economy in construction. She will focus on the importance of giving materials an identity outside of the building.

On average, the construction industry throws away 20% of all material arriving on site. This means that for every five dwellings built, one dwelling’s worth of stuff goes to landfill or even incineration. The amount of waste generated on construction sites can be reduced considerably by changing the way that buildings are designed and constructed. Alan Cawley will lead us through SISKs process of creating zero waste sites in Ireland. This will act as a helpful precedent for others to learn from their process.

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