Material reuse: marketplace and construction waste: free webinar, October 19

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable buildings: The Material reuse: marketplace and construction waste free webinar on October 19.

Loopfront is a material reuse platform, based in Norway, that creates an easy to access way for people to reuse and recycle materials. It takes materials that would be going to waste and gives them visibility and a traceable digital identity. This allows these materials, that may have gone directly to landfill, to find a second life in an efficient and economical manner. A big part of Loopfront is data reporting, which allows users not only to see the financial benefits of their efforts, but also the environmental data that can assist in gaining access to green financing and project certifications.

K-briq is an innovative circular material that uses recycled demolition and construction waste to create an unfired brick. This brick takes materials that would go to landfill and puts them back into a circular loop by creating structurally sound bricks. Over 90% of the brick is made from demolition and construction waste. It has only one-tenth of the embodied carbon of a conventional masonry unit.

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