Switch to a Green Job & Save Our Earth

I was happy recently to talk about green jobs on the Lean to the Left podcast:

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at a job where you would actually be helping the environment and fighting climate change? That’s our topic on the Lean to the Left podcast.

Our guest is Joseph Gelfer, founder of Ecotopian Careers, a company that helps people become part of the solution to climate change, instead of part of the problem – while at work. Ecotopian Careers helps people who want to make climate change the focus of their working week overcome obstacles that often prevent them from transitioning to more desirable green jobs.

Gelfer is  a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance where he works with the Work and Careers group, and he’s also an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

On the podcast, Gelfer predicts that climate and environmental protection will offer major career opportunities, that already are opening up. He explains how individuals who want to take advantage can switch from their current jobs to one that will have long-term environmental benefits.

“The green transformation is coming whether we like it or not” says Gelfer. If you care…it has to be part of your working week. Then you’re making a huge impact.”

Gelfer discusses some of the factors that are harmful to our climate, and lists agriculture at the top of the list. In fact, he predicts we all will be consuming artificially produced meat because naturally produced meat will simply become too expensive. A “meat tax” will likely be imposed, he says.

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