The role of business in restoring peatlands: free webinar, October 12

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in business eco-restoration: The role of business in restoring peatlands free webinar on October 12.

Peatlands are one of the largest stores of carbon in the world and hold twice as much carbon as the world’s forests. However, owing to their harvesting for fuel, burning, land use change, and other forms of degradation, peatlands contribute to around 5% of global GHG emissions.

Attention to peatlands is increasing as nature restoration, biodiversity protection and climate change mitigation become increasingly important. However their importance to the business community is not widely understood.

Join us to learn more about peatlands and their importance to business, including their influence on business risks and opportunity in operations and supply chains. Hear from experts and understand how you can get involved in protecting this unique nature system.

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