Battery Startup Showcase: free webinar, September 29

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in EVs and batteries: The Battery Startup Showcase free webinar on September 29.

We’re excited to hear from amazing founders in the battery industry

Lukas Hackl, Co-Founder and CEO at Aepnus Technology.

Aepnus Technology, spun out of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, works to electrify and decarbonize the production of commodity chemicals. Our immediate focus is to make battery-grade lithium chemicals from different U.S. feedstocks. We are supported by investors at Lower Carbon Capital and are part of the Activate Fellowship Program funded by the Department of Energy.

Sarah Montgomery, Co-Founder and CEO at Infyos.

Infyos is a supply chain sustainability platform that lets battery supply chain players measure, manage and improve sustainability to overcome the challenge of their high-risk global supply chains. We’re founded by experts in supply chain technology, sustainability and batteries and have been backed by the climate tech accelerator Carbon13.

Gavin White, Co-Founder and CEO at About:Energy

Gavin is the co-founder and CEO of About:Energy, a battery testing and modelling company which has just spun-out from Imperial College London and the University of Birmingham. Having studied mechanical engineering during his undergraduate he began his PhD at Imperial in developing thermal characterisation techniques where he invented and patented a thermal conductivity measurement method.

Jonathan Tan, Co-Founder and CEO at Coreshell Technologies

Coreshell is unlocking the true capacity and economics of batteries by solving battery degradation with their low-cost nanolayer electrode coating technology. Previous to starting Coreshell, Jonathan spent 15+ years as a Technical Business Development Leader scaling products from R&D to full commercialization in the polymer membrane industry.

Alex Westlake, Chief Commercial Officer at CarbonScape.

Alex is a chartered electrical engineer with a PhD in wind energy and a 25+ year global career in tackling climate change. Alex is Chief Commercial Officer at CarbonScape, developing large-scale biographite anode production sites in EU and US, building from their existing presence in Asia. CarbonScape has cracked the code for converting sustainable waste wood chips into a carbon negative, high performance, EV and ICT lithium-ion battery grade anode material. With a performance similar to synthetic graphite, CarbonScape’s biographite can be made locally, cleanly, at lower temperatures and with faster processing times to derisk the anode supply chain for cell manufacturers.

Bing Cao, Co-Founder and CEO at Nanode

Nanode Battery Technologies is revolutionizing the anodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The high-performance, drop-in alloy-based anodes enable ultimate high volumetric energy density solutions for lithium and sodium ion batteries, boosting the longevity of the battery capacity by 50% while also decreasing costs.

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