Carbon13: Climate Entrepreneurship for Scientists, Developers and Engineers: free webinar, September 27

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Carbon13: Climate Entrepreneurship for Scientists, Developers and Engineers free webinar on September 27.

This webinar is an introduction to the most urgent challenges in decarbonisation and emissions reduction, specifically focusing on the main problem areas that engineers, scientists and inventors can solve through starting a climatetech venture.

We will then discuss the venture capital route for funding these ventures and why it is currently the faster and often surer route for launching complex projects with a high decarbonisation impact.

Finally, we will cover how you can use Carbon13 to launch such a venture: how to move your concepts past TRL3-5, how to find the highest impact opportunity for your IP, and how to develop the appropriate funding strategy.

Whether you’ve already built a startup or are new to entrepreneurship, this webinar will introduce you to the specifics of building startups for the climate, i.e. startups with high decarbonisation or carbon capture potential. We’ll discuss the biggest opportunities in decarbonisation and carbon capture, and will also cover how founders use Carbon13’s Venture Builder to build these high impact and commercially scalable startups.

Carbon13’s seven-month Venture Builder programme supports a cohort of 70+ founders to form cofounding teams and develop their ideas into a commercially successful venture capable of reducing emissions by millions of tonnes.

With 32 investments in 12 months, Carbon13 is fast becoming the best launchpad for complex projects with a high decarbonisation impact.

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