Your next corporate job: Protecting biodiversity

New workplace insights from Greenbiz:

They’ve been showing up increasingly in my LinkedIn feed, emails, newsletters and in casual conversation: jobs and job listings at big companies, focused at preserving and regenerating nature and biodiversity. It appears to be a new nexus of action for corporate sustainability professionals, at the intersection of natural capital, supply chains, operations, finance and, of course, the climate crisis.

It also risks becoming a new nexus of criticism about corporate sustainability commitments.

Over the past year or so, a growing number of companies — primarily but not exclusively in Europe — have created positions to support nature and biodiversity. The roles aren’t just at firms with products and services that are directly dependent on natural capital — logging or agriculture, for example. This new generation of nature-related jobs can be found inside chemical companies, consumer products companies, real estate companies, tech companies, insurers, bankers and retailers. Read the full article on GreenBiz.

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