Purpose, Motivation and Remuneration as Sustainable Business Driver: free webinar, November 7

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Purpose, Motivation and Remuneration as Sustainable Business Driver free webinar on November 7.

Sustainability and ESG is growing in importance and urgency for most companies. Boards are exploring how to best integrate sustainability in strategy and reporting, and how to include it for motivation of the CEO and top leaders as well as the broader company.

Boards and their remuneration committees are under scrutiny from investors on how to integrate ESG and Sustainability factors in the leaders’ already complex incentive structures tied to KPIs for the top leaders.

In this Webinar we will discuss with experienced Chairs and NEDs, as well as top board Academia Leaders on how trends and regulations are shifting, as well as the board’s role and what board members need to know.

  • What are stakeholders’ ESG expectations and how are they impacting boards?
  • How are boards guiding & following their companies’ sustainability transitions?
  • How are boards motivating leadership today, and what is changing?

How do ESG translate to remuneration for Executives?

Does the company purpose play a role, and can all behaviors be financially motivated?

Boards Impact Forum is inviting you to a Webinar on November 7 at 8-9 AM CET on the topic of “Purpose, Motivation and Remuneration as Sustainable Business Drivers”

We will listen to

  • Denise Koopmans, Chair & NED at multiples
  • Tomas Franzen, Chair & NED at multiples
  • Sonia Tatar, Executive Director at INSEAD Corporate Governance Center et al

The webinar will be moderated by Steen Buchreitz Jensen, Board Director at Boards Impact Forum.

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