The Future of Food: New Tech to Save the World: free webinar, October 26

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in sustainable food: The Exploring The Future of Food: New Tech to Save the World free webinar on October 26.

The way we eat is taking its toll on the planet, with food production accounting for over one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s entrepreneurs are using innovative technologies and AI to disrupt the way we eat and to provide sustainable and healthy food sources for the world as well as assist farmers in reducing the use of pesticides. Hear what the future of food could be like with entrepreneurs: Tim Van Vliet (MBA’19J), Founder & CEO inseact, Carrie Chan (MBA’08D), Co-Founder & CEO Avant and Jagannathan Doraiswamy (MBA’14J), Co-Founder & CEO, TechCamellia. The talk is hosted by Chengyi Lin, INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Strategy.

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