Global Proptech Online – the Impact of ESG’s: free webinar, November 17

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in ESG: The Global Proptech Online – the Impact of ESG’s free webinar on November 17.

On the 17th of November from 10:00 to 17:00 CET, we’re hosting another edition of Global Proptech Online. The theme of this event is ‘’ESG’’.

The next speaker we’re announcing is Sabine Stuiver (Hydraloop). She will be talking about the following:

For the fifth year in a row, Europe is facing a severe water shortage. The worst drought in 500 years. We have all noticed this… loud and clear: harvests are failing, business operations stagnating and people are having to adapt their lifestyles. The drought is caused not only by climate change but also because the demand for water is increasing due to population growth. And we simply cannot keep pumping up more water, because there just isn’t enough. We need to change the system. In house water recycling is the most efficient and affordable way to use less tap water, reduce waste water, reduce carbon footprint and save energy and money on water and energy bills. But to meet UN SDGs and secure water for us all, we must start already today and build all new construction Recycle Ready and Future Proof.

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