Addressing innovation barriers in energy and mobility entrepreneurship: free webinar, November 15

A useful learning and networking opportunity for anyone interested in EVs: The Addressing innovation barriers in energy and mobility entrepreneurship free webinar on November 15.

There is much opportunity for synergy between the energy & transport sectors; for example, by shifting to non-motorized modes of transport and public transport, we can improve efficiency and deliver more resilient mobility services. How can entrepreneurship be supported and encouraged in these spaces? Which entrepreneurial initiatives are leading the way?

This session will consider opportunities and barriers in business models, financing, technology, policy, and engaging legacy institutions such as public utilities which will play an important part in the future of net zero transportation. It will consider similarities and differences across markets, facilitating knowledge-sharing as one way to generate new ideas.

The power sector would be the backbone for the future of net-zero transport systems. As the power sector is a regulated public utility, it does not encourage or incentivise the entrepreneurs to invest in new technologies and business models. It requires attention and wider discussion on incentivising investments in this tightly regulated space. Developing economies struggle to attract investments and innovations in this space and therefore, supporting knowledge, technology and finance will bridge this gap.

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